Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{A Week in Photos}

This is actually quite a lot more than just a week in photos. However, I like that title so it shall remain






#1: I made Achar Gosht & Aloo Bhaji for my sister and her hubby
#2: My favorite face bar that I've resumed using
#3: Louisville skyline. Ahhhh how much I love it
#4: My original qeema recipe
#5: Bad tornados in Louisville
#6: How I celebrated my 4th of July with the family
#7: My new lightsaber keychain
#8: I was craving achar so i drove 25 minutes to find it
#9: Mama's dog was using a teddy as a pillow
#10: Mama's princess that looks like an ewok
#11: Checked out some library books